Merry Christmas/Life update

Work and life has had me super busy lately, but I want to share a bit of what I have been up to.

My new job at the Recorder is going well. I feel like I am learning more about Indy including its history an d I am being pushed out of my writing comfort zone. For example, writing about Hudnut’s death was the first time I really covered politics or wrote about a deceased person. I have done some interesting  restaurant spotlights and interviewed some cool  musicians.

Christmas has blessed me with a 3 day weekend and Justin and I were able to go out and do a holiday photoshoot which was a lot of fun.



He brought some pictures and he is going to use them for an engraved ornament:



Later we are going to his parents church and then out to eat to celebrate Christmas with his family. Then tomorrow we will celebrate with mine.

I will share more later. Merry Christmas to all!


Abyssinia Ethiopian Restaurant


I have gotten the opportunity to try all types of interesting food while writing Restaurant Spotlights for work. I try to find unique places to share, so i decided to visit an Ethiopian Restaurant.

I actually came to Abyssinia Ethiopian Restaurant  with my friend who is from Ethiopia in the past, so that is how this place got on my radar. This time I tryed to be a bit more adventurous.

My full review will be in The Indianapolis Recorder next Friday, but I decided to share a bit of my visit here.


They have what they call a coffee ceremony. The incense they use will have the entire restaurant smelling very good.


The meat we had with our dish was Lamb, and it was pretty yummy.


All in all, the food was great, and I would come back!