Summa Summa Summa Time

Long time, no blog.

Technically it’s spring, but the fact that it’s a high of 80 degrees and sunny today has got me feeling like it’s summer. This weekend, I have the opportunity to cover Indiana Comic Con for the paper. I am exited to spend most of my weekend downtown enjoying this unseasonably nice weather and getting in on the madness that is Comic Con, with the added benefit of press credentials.

I have decided to write a story about black cosplayers. I reached out to some and they sent me some amazing photos of their costumes. See below.

I also am going to a few other events this weekend, which will make my weekend jam-packed. Then on Sunday, Justin and I are going to his parent’s church to celebrate Easter, and taking his little sister with us to Comic Con and spending some time with her.

I hope I find time to sleep!


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