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I have covered a wide range of topics including hard-hitting breaking news, politics and business. My passion lies in covering the humanities — art, music, philosophy, religion —because these topics allow me to explore the unique, interesting, strange and wonderful side of life. I am drawn  towards stories that challenge stereotypes and perceptions and make me do a double take. I aim to elevate inspiring people in the community.

I have worked as a staff reporter with The Indianapolis Recorder Newspaper, a communications coordinator with CSI Ministries, a photo intern for NUVO Magazine and I have freelanced for many other publications.

Writing samples are available below:

A focus on film

Indiana home to flourishing film industry, talented moviemakers

(Published in Indiana Minority Business Magazine)

madeThe ways in which individuals produce and consume media are rapidly changing, and Indiana’s opportunity to play a role in the film industry is increasing as more Hoosiers recognize the value of film. Read More.

Black and Republican in the age of Trump: Conservative community members talk politics, parties

(Published in the New Pittsburgh Courier, the Indianapolis Recorder Newspaper and the Atlanta Daily World)5b06cff45875f.imageThese Black Republicans say they often feel like anomalies, yet many are active in the local community and believe their political views can work for the betterment of the African-American community. Read More.

Funk, Soul & Rock ’n’ Roll: The Main Squeeze creates music for everyone

(Published in the Indianapolis Recorder Newspaper) 595538cdedc10.imageMembers of The Main Squeeze met at Indiana University and discovered their shared love of music. Eventually, all five men joined forces and started playing at parties, and their unique sound gained the attention of music lovers near and far. Read More.

Feature: The Ross Foundation – Healing a Community

(Published at 37365014_1787135711336282_2761635693263323136_nDerris Ross was only five years old when he witnessed his first murder. He still remembers seeing the lifeless body sprawled in front of his childhood home near 42 and Post Road. Now, at the age of 28, he has lost 34 friends to gun violence. Read More.

Harvest for the hungry: Partnership tackles food deserts, prepares for 2018 expansion

(Published in the Indianapolis Recorder Newspaper) 59f1f432b5857.imageRight in the middle of Indianapolis’ largest food desert, a 1.9-acre urban garden is growing. The food produced on-site feeds the community’s physical, economic and educational hunger. Read More. 

Cultural, Economic, Historical Factors Drive Black Breast-Feeding Gap

(Published in WFYI’s Side Effects Public Media and The Indianapolis Recorder Newspaper) ts_reece_picture“When you see beautiful pictures that are nurturing of women breast-feeding, you don’t see Black faces,” she said. “Often, when you search for images of Black breast-feeding mothers, we are depicted in the Congo, topless, and there is an undertone of indigence that goes with it. Breast-feeding isn’t just for poor women who can’t afford formula.” Read More.

Trigger Warning: Community divided on solutions to gun violence

(Published in The Indianapolis Recorder Newspaper) 59df848726c93.imageAmerica’s gun homicide rate is more than 25 times the average of other high-income countries. Despite gun control debates re-emerging, a unified solution remains unclear. Here in Indianapolis, more than 100 individuals have died due to gun violence this year. Members of the community are divided over answers. Read More.

LGBT certification helps business

(Published in Indiana Minority Business Magazine)CulverSiosi-copyThe United States government has initiatives in place to help minority, women and veteran-owned businesses get supplier contracts with big companies and local, state and federal government agencies. As the number of business owners who openly identify as members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community grows, more and more companies are also seeking out LGBT-owned businesses to source products and services from. Read More.

Black on the mission field

(Published in The Indianapolis Recorder Newspaper) 5ae1d7a10875e.image“For far too long, people of color have been seen as beneficiaries of giving, instead of benefactors and philanthropists,” said Aimee Laramore, the philanthropic strategist for the PhD in African-American Preaching and Sacred Rhetoric Program at CTS. “There is power in helping people to see the true meaning of philanthropy, love of humankind, expressed and demonstrated by people who truly reflect the world that we live in.” Read more.

Black and Nerdy: Blerd Club brings Black nerd culture to Indy

(Published in the New Pittsburgh Courier and the Indianapolis Recorder Newspaper)58498ca586478-1.image

Grab your light saber, hop inside your Tardis and make your way to Blerd Club Indy. The new club aims to gives Black nerds a place to safely and openly geek out about their fandoms. Read More.

Building 46218: Church gifts two homes, plans to revitalize local community

(Published in The Indianapolis Recorder Newspaper) 5a329befad0a7.image

Two Indianapolis families have a new place to call home this month, thanks to a church, a nonprofit and more than 500 community volunteers. Read More.

Chreece festival coming back to Fountain Square

(Published in The Indianapolis Recorder Newspaper) 599ee64dcdac2.image

From the raw and experimental sound of FLACO to the soul-tinged thoughtful music of Clint Breeze and the Groove, Naptown is home to a variety of distinct hip-hop artists. Read More.




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