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“Keshia was a pleasure to work with! She came to the Recorder at a very critical time and became a very vital member of our team. She writes well, is very timely in her delivery of assignments and has a very pleasant personality. She will be an asset to any team she’s a part of!” – Ebony Marie Chapel, former editor in chief at the Indianapolis Recorder Newspaper. (Shared on LinkedIn)

“Keshia has reported on our organization, UNITE INDY, in Indianapolis Recorder, and she has always presented a fair and accurate portrayal to her readers. Because I know the care she has taken to get it right when it comes to us, I know that I can always trust her reporting when she writes about others.” – Jim Cotterill, president and chief unity officer of Unite Indy. (Shared on LinkedIn)

“As a writer, she consistently meets her deadlines, even during high-stress, exceptionally busy times. She is a capable interviewer who asks intelligent questions, and shows skill in picking out the most interesting and relevant pieces to include in her stories … As a person, Keshia is a joy to be around. Her positive attitude and outlook are a refreshing contrast to the often-cynical atmosphere of the newsroom setting.” – Kelly Patrick Slone, former editor in chief at the Indianapolis Recorder Newspaper. (Shared in Recommendation Letter)


Old Resume: Keshia Renee Smith new web Res

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